PowerTools for PowerPoint

The leading PowerPoint productivity add-in

Experience unparalleled productivity in slide creation and editing, so you can focus on insightful analysis and impactful delivery.

The Ultimate Set of Tools

Over 140+ productivity tools

Embrace the ultimate toolset for PowerPoint that saves you time, maintains high standards, and boosts your productivity.

Effortless Formatting

Create visually appealing slides in a fraction of the time with a suite of tools designed to streamline the process of formatting slides.

Smart Object Manipulation

Position, size, and align objects with unprecedented ease and precision. Easily swap positions, ensure uniform sizing, and more.

Advanced Table Management

Experience robust solutions for handling tables. Align shapes to cells, copy and paste cell formats, and even transpose tables.

Seamless Slide Exporting

Export your work in a variety of ways with a single click. Email as PDF, attach selections, and even export slide notes effortlessly.

Automated Slide Cleaning

Maintain a clean and professional presentation. Remove all unwanted elements like shadows, animations, slide notes, and comments.

Creative Insert Tools

Enhance your slides with intuitive insert tools. Add draft stamps, table of contents, Harvey Balls, and even QR codes with ease.

Never Start From Scratch Again

Reusing slides just got a whole lot easier

PowerTools revolutionizes the way you create slides with its integrated Slide Library. Save and categorize your best slides for future use, and import slides from your library in a single click. Never start from scratch again when you can build upon your existing, quality content.

The PowerTools Slide Library is a total game changer. I love that I don’t need to dig through all my old slide decks anymore to find the slide I need. 😍

— Stephanie B., Management Consultant


Productivity Tools

Automate routine tasks and perform complex operations in a single click.


Hours Saved per Week

Based on a survey of our users who regularly use PowerPoint for work.


Active Users

Join a growing community of users turbocharging their productivity.


What people are saying

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I recently started using PowerTools for PowerPoint and I must say that I am surprised at how much it has improved my productivity at work. I’ve never enjoyed formatting slides so much.

Maryann A.

Product Manager

Formatting slides used to be a huge time sink. PowerTools makes it easy and straightforward; it’s truly the Swiss Army Knife of PowerPoint. Now I find myself wishing there was something similar for Excel!

Bill G.

Investment Banking Associate

I create a lot of slides for work, and the PowerTools add-in has been huge for this. As a bit of an add-in junkie myself, I can confidently say that PowerTools is by far the best one I’ve used thus far.

Erik A.

Management Consulting

PowerTools is a breath of fresh air with its one-time fee pricing model. I was tired of paying a hefty yearly fee for other add-ins I was using, so great for those who don’t have an employer footing the bill.

Andrea S.

Venture Capital

Trusted by employees at leading firms

Still PowerPoint, Just Better

PowerTools integrates seamlessly right into PowerPoint

PowerTools integrates directly into your PowerPoint environment, providing a new ribbon filled with a multitude of powerful tools. These tools are designed to automate routine tasks and introduce new capabilities, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

PowerTools is written in VBA, meaning it can be easily installed within PowerPoint, typically requiring no administrative rights on most enterprise systems.

The add-in integrates directly into PowerPoint and does not affect compatibility when sharing or editing files with others.

Simple Pricing

Small prices, huge value

No more costly subscriptions. Get started with the Basic version for free, or purchase lifetime access to the Pro version for a small one-time fee.


per license

PowerTools Basic

Great for folks who casually use PowerPoint and only need the most basic features.

Smart Alignment

Productivity Ribbon

Export Tools

Windows Only


per license

PowerTools Pro

Ideal for professionals who regularly use PowerPoint and who need custom tools to optimize their efficiency.

Productivity Tools (140+)

Slide Library

Priority Support

Windows and Mac

Not convinced? We offer a 100% money back guarantee for all purchases. Try our product with confidence, and if you don’t like it, we’ll make it right.

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Better slides. Less time.

Build slides fast than ever with the power of over 140+ productivity tools for PowerPoint. No more late nights formatting content.