The ultimate PowerPoint time-saver

PowerTools is the leading PowerPoint productivity add-in for professionals. The add-in levels up your efficiency in with hundreds of tools designed to help you build professional slides quickly.
  • Productivity tools

    Over 140+ tools designed to save you time and help you make slides faster

  • Slide library

    Save, organize, and insert slides in a single click. Never build from scratch again.

  • Other enhancements

    More granular formatting control, smarter alignment, and so much more.

Trusted by employees at leading firms

Our story

PowerTools was built by consultants who were spending way too much time making PowerPoint slides. After using the PowerPoint add-in ourselves for years, we figured other professionals could benefit from the tool we had developed.

The PowerTools team still uses the add-in everyday and is passionate about improving it. Contact us through our contact page if you’ve got ideas on how to make it better.

Our mission

At PowerTools, our mission is to help you avoid late nights spent on formatting PowerPoint slides.

If you regularly use PowerPoint then a lot of your time is probably consumed by repetitive tasks like formatting slides, aligning boxes, and changing colors. We know because we’ve been there… Your time should instead be spent on value-creating stuff like talking to clients, testing ideas, and building solutions. PowerTools is committed to freeing your brain time for what truly matters.